About Me

My name is Daniaal Nadir. I'm a software engineer and i work out of my home office in Leeds for a child web safety company called Smoothwall. Over my past 6 years as a software engineer, i have learnt so much and i want a place to document what i have learnt because it may be useful to others. Stuff I will be blogging about is technology, programming of course, gadgets, setups and anything else tech related.


I started programming since i was 17 or 2016 and never touched a programming language before that. I actually go into programming by taking computer science at college, turns out i really enjoyed it. I dropped out of college and got a job in software engineering. I am a fully self taught developer and mainly live in the C# .NET world and use React or Angular as a front end framework and work as a senior software engineer. I have dabbled with python and i want to start learning Golang, it's next on this list.